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Product Cross Reference

To see products listed by manufacturer, view our Line Card.

Product Manufacturer
Bain Marie Heater Hatco
Bakery Equipment Blodgett
Bar Supplies T&S
Beverage Coolers Victory
Blast Chillers/Freezers Beverage Air
Braising Pans – gas and electric, tilting Blodgett Steam
Braising Pans – tilting Blodgett Steam
Broilers – underfired Magikitch'n
Blodgett Range
Cabinets – insulated/heated Metro
Cabinets – refrigerated Victory
Cabinets – warming/holding Metro
Cabinet Pulls/Handles/Hinges Equip (T&S)
CapKold systems Groen
Carts/Dollies Metro
Carts – cooking Geneva
Carts – dessert Geneva
Carts – dome display Geneva
Carts – liquor Geneva
Carts – serving Geneva
Carts – utility/delivery Metro
Casters Equip (T&S)
Colorpoint custom modular fiberglass serving counters LTI
Convection Steamers – gas and electric Blodgett Steam
Conveyor Ovens - gas and electric Middleby Marshall
Cooktops – indoor electric EVO America
Cooktops – presentation EVO America
Cooktops – refrigerated Blodgett Range
Cookers CookTek
Coolers – walk-in ThermalRite
Crepe Machines Equipex
Custom Displays PMG - Premier Metal & Glass
Dishwashers – door type, hood type, undercounter Insinger
Dispensers – self levelling Lakeside
Display Merchandisers Hatco
Drawers – refrigerated cook stands Blodgett Range
Drawers – heated Hatco
Drop-Ins – hot and cold Randell
Dunnage Racks Metro
Electric Plancha EVO America
Espresso Machines – automatic and semi-automatic Rancilio
Faucets and Fittings T&S
Finishing Ovens – electric Hatco
Food Shields – adjustable PMG - Premier Metal & Glass
Freezers – reach-in/undercounter Beverage Air
Freezers – roll-in, worktop Beverage Air
Freezers – walk-in ThermalRite
Fryers – gas/electric Pitco
Fryers – goldenFRY ANETS
Fryers – semi and fully automatic countertop Perfect Fry
Fry Stations – portable Hatco
FX Series Refrigerated Drawers and Cook Top Systems Randell
Glasswashers Insinger
Griddles – ventless EVO America
Heat Lamps – infrared strips Hatco
Induction Cooktops CookTek
Induction Cooktop Ranges CookTek
Kettles – gas and electric, tilting, stationary, direct steam Blodgett Steam
Kettles – steam jacketed Groen
Lever Waste Drains T&S
Mobile Bun Pan Racks Metro
Nacho Equipment Hatco
Outdoor Grills Magikitch'n
Ovens – baking and roasting Blodgett
Ovens – convection/combi/conveyor Blodgett
Ovens - rapid cook TurboChef
Ovens - ventless high speed conveyor TurboChef
Ovens – wood and gas fired Beech Ovens
Panini Grills Equipex
Pellet/Base Heaters Lakeside
Prep Tables Randell
Prerinse Sprays and Fittings T&S
Pressure Washers T&S
Pot and Pan Washers Insinger
Proof Boxes/Retarders Metro
Racks – mobile bun pan Metro
Ranges Blodgett Range
Ranges – cabinet based Jade Range
Ranges – heavy duty modular Jade Range
Refrigerators – reach-in/roll-in/undercounter Beverage Air
Refrigerators – pass-through Victory
Refrigerators – worktop Beverage Air
Sneeze Guards PMG - Premier Metal & Glass
Stainless Steel Fabrication LTI
Standard dry floor troughs Sani-Floor
Tables – hot food Randell
Tables – refrigerated (sandwich/pizza) Metro
Tables – work Metro
Toasters – conveyor Hatco
Transport Carts Metro
Tray Washers Insinger
UDS Systems Avtec
Ventilation Avtec
Walk-Ins – one piece International Cold Storage
Ware Washing Systems – continuous motion Power Soak
Warmers/Proofers Metro
Water Booster Heaters- electric/gas Hatco
Wine Refrigerators/Coolers Victory

To see products listed by manufacturer, view our Line Card.

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